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Particularly Valuable

Predicate for "Umbra"


Umbra receives highest rating "particularly valuable”


The experimental documentary film by Florian Fischer and Johannes Krell receives the highest rating "particularly valuable" from the German film and media evaluation.

The film is dedicated to both ordinary and rare optical phenomena that occur in nature. These phenomena evoke familiar images such as shadows or reflections on a water surface; but also unusual phenomena such as the so-called "Brockengespenst" or the pinhole effect during a solar eclipse.

These ancient and natural projections can be regarded as images independent of culture and apparatus that were already present before human evolution - they are all united by their intangible, fleeting presence. Thus in their immateriality and fragility they are precursors of the cinematographic image. A visual dialogue emerges between phenomenon and apparatus, archetype and image, self and self-perception.



A production by ROSENPICTURES Filmproduction GbR in co-production with the Academy of Media and Arts in Cologne and Johannes Krell, funded by the “Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung”, the “Film- und Medienstiftung NRW” and the federal government commissioner for Culture and the Media.